Our Story

What's Up!!

My name is Colin Gbolie and I'm ECSTATIC to share our doughnuts with you!

Diamond Doughnuts are my family's spiced doughnut recipe cultivated over many years by my mother, passed down to me, and are still handmade from scratch today!

Hailing from Sierra Leone, West Africa, our doughnuts are packed with unique flavors and formed into an artisanal / traditional diamond shape.

Most easily described as encompassing all of the best parts of a churro, funnel cake, cookie, and your favorite fried / baked treats, our doughnuts are sure to become your favorite snack food, coffee companion, ice cream topper, and so much more!

After many years of gifting doughnuts during the holidays to family and friends, we're excited to bring the joy of Diamond Doughnuts from our household to yours!